Disinfectant, meltblown fabric, ethyl alcohol export were binded to prior authorization

EXPORT OF COLOGNE, ETHYL ALCOHOL, DISINFECTANT, MELTBLOWN FABRIC, HYROGEN PEROXY PRODUCTS WERE BINDED TO THE PRIOR AUTHORIZATION. With the Notification Amending the Notification (Notification No: Exports 2006/7) on the "Notification on Export-Related Goods (Notification No: Export 2006/7)" published in the Official Gazette dated 18 March 2020 and numbered 31072, the export of the products named "Ethyl Alcohol [GTP: 22.07 (except GTIP: 2207. and GTIP: 2207., GTIP: 2208.,2208., 2208., 2208.90.99.90. 00] Cologne (GTIP: 3303. Disinfectant (GTIP: 3402., 3808., 3808., 3808.,3808., 2905.12.00.00. 12), Hydrogen Peroxide (GTP: 28.47), Meltblown Fabric Only (GTP: 56.03)" are subject to the permission of the T.R. Ministry of Commerce, General Directorate of Export.
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