Import Procedures

Customs process in import starts upon completion of the sale contract between importer and exporter. Customs will carry out a risk assessment according to the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) submitted and decide whether the goods can be despatched.

Baskent Consulting help clients from the very first stage to the point where the goods are cleared from the customs in the UK.


Our services include administration and consultancy of:

- Entry Summary Declaration (ENS);
  • A declaration has to be submitted before the goods are despatched.
- Full Import Declaration;
  • Upon the arrival of the goods in the UK, an import declaration should be submitted to the Customs to clear the goods.
- Licences:
  • Some goods necessitate licences to be imported. The specific licence applied should be documented.
- Preference Documents:
  • Benefit from a lower or zero rate of duty using preference documents for qualifying goods. 
- Certificate of Conformity (CofC);
  • CofC confirms that a product complies with minimum production, technical, and safety standards.
- Port Health Certificate;
  • This is mainly required for animal, food & drink products and pharmaceuticals.
- Duty Relief Schemes;
  • Inward Processing;
  • Outward Processing;
  • Temporary Admission;
  • End-use Relief;
  • Customs Warehousing;
  • Returned Goods Relief (RGR); etc.
- Calculating Duty and Taxes.


For administration of the above documents, you can use our Customs Declaration Service.

For advice, you can use our Customs Consulting Service.



Frequently Asked Questions

• Purchase order
• Commercial Invoice
• Bill of lading or air waybill
• Packing list
• Certificate of origin (where preference is claimed)
• Import licence (for certain goods)
• All other documentation as demanded by the consignee or the terms of a letter of credit
Import duty cannot be claimed back, however, VAT-registered importers are able to reclaim Import VAT on all of their imports.
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