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International trademark registration ensures the protection of your rights abroad while allowing you to benefit from franchising agreements and government supports.

There are 3 application methods that can be used in this service: Madrid Protocol; National Application; and Community Registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Madrid Protocol is an international registration system. The system makes it possible to protect a mark in a large number of countries by obtaining an international registration that has effect in each of the designated Contracting Parties. It is a convenient and cost-effective solution for registering and managing trademarks worldwide. By filing a single application you can apply for protection in up to 125 countries.
You can use the Madrid System if you have a personal or business connection to one of the System’s members. This means you must either:
- be domiciled;
- have an industrial or commercial establishment in; or
- be a citizen of one of the 125 countries covered by the Madrid System's 109 members.
- International registration can be achieved in more than one country by using a single language and a single document.
- Registration and post-registration costs are economically reasonable.
- The registration period is shorter than the national application.
- In the case of applying to more than one country; If the trademark is not accepted in one country, the process continues in other countries.
- Address change, title change, company transfer, changes in goods and services can be recorded in the International Registry with a simple transaction at once.
Instead of filing individual applications to member countries for international trademark registration, it is also possible to get registered by applying to the community trademark registration system created by those countries.
EUTM – Trademark Registration for the European Union
BENELUX - (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg)
ARIPO – African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (English-speaking African Countries)
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