What is Product Tracking System (ÜTS)?

It is the system that the companies that manufacture, import, distribute and sell the products/devices within the scope of Medical Devices Directive from CE directives (93/42 / EEC), Active Medical Devices Directive (90/385 / EEC) and Non-Body (In Vitro) Medical Diagnostic Devices Regulation (98/79 / EC) are registered. What is the purpose of the UTS (Product Monitoring System) system? To create a National and Original Product Tracking and Tracking Model, to provide an infrastructure where products can be monitored by registering medical devices and cosmetic products, to contribute to ensuring patient safety and protecting public health, to create an infrastructure that will ensure that audit services are carried out in a healthy and effective manner, to create an infrastructure that will allow taking quick measures against dangers that may arise during the use of medical devices and cosmetic products Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency. HOW TO REGISTER THE ÜTS SYSTEM? Medical device sales center authorization certificate is required for medical device companies to register with UTS. In order to obtain the sales center authorization certificate, the company must have a Responsible manager and Sales Demonstrator and a compliance certificate from the http://www.tcesis.org/ training system.
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