International Trade Mark

         There are some benefits of international trade mark. For example, you will be able to use your brand abroad. Thus, you will have less agent costs, deal with less paperwork, the result will be announced faster, and your application will be easier. To be able to apply for an international trade mark , you have to have an existing registered trade mark. Because of brexit, protected international trade mark registration appointing the EU is not valid in the UK after 1 January 2021.

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There are 3 ways of application for international trade mark: Madrid Protocol, Intenational  Application and Community Registration. For questions related to the topic and to get more information you can e-mail us 




Madrid Protocol is international registration system.There are 106 members by 2020 . The purpose of Madrid Protocol is the ability of the application of internationa trade mark by using only one system.


  1. Who can be benefit from Madrid Protocol?

Madrid Protokolü’ne taraf olan bir ülkede,

  • Resident,
  • Having a real and effective industrial establishment,
  • Ctizens can apply international trade mark.


  1. What is the advantage of Madrid Protocol?
  • Internatina registration can be achieved in more than one country using a single language and a single document.
  • registration and post registration cost are economally.
  • In case of application to more than one country; if the brandis not accepted in one country,the transaction continues in other countries.It does not receive rejection from other countries just because it received a rejection response from one country.
  • Change of address, change of title, company transfer, changes in goods and service transactions can be recorded in the International Registry with a simple operation at a time.
  • The registration period is shorter than the national application.


  1. What are the Method of Application Community Trade mark Registration?

Instead of applying to individual member countries for international trademark registration, it is possible to register by applying to the community trademark registration system established by those countries.

  • EUTM – Trade mark for EU 
  • BENELUX – (Belgium, Luxemborg and Netherland)
  • OAPI– Trade mark for African Union (Speaking Freanch in African Countries)
  • ARIPO– Trade mark for African Union (Speaking English in African Countries)




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